Mary Crenshaw

Born Richmond, Virginia, USA

E-mail:         [email protected]   

Telephone:   039 0295357250 cell 039 3494449808


Education:    BFA Painting and Printmaking,Virginia Commonwealth University,1977.

                   MFA The Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University January 2013.

Solo Shows: 2010: Celebrating Green, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Arthur DeBerry Family Gallery.

                  2008: Leaves, La Galleria Modena Grazie della Vita, Castello Borromeo, Corneliano Bertario, Milan.

                  2006: Wearable Paintings/Quadri da Indossare A P Sowroom, Milan.

                  2005: La Natura e Fibre, Spazio 4, Milan Inside Out,The Jane Sandlin Gallery, Richmond Virginia.

                  2003: Paesaggi, La Galleria, Modena.

                  2002: Mary Crenshaw, Castello Borromeo, Corneliano Bertario, Milan.

                  2000: The John and Seymour Rennolds Gallery, St.Catherine’s School, Richmond Virginia.

                  1999: American Consulate Milan.

                  1996: Galleria Il Punto A Cassano D’Adda, Milan.

                  1993: Palazzo Fumagalli,Pozzuolo Martesana, Milan.

                  1991: Take a Seat and Look at the Trees, Bloom, Mezzago, Milan.

Group Shows :

                        2012: Vasili Arkhipov: The Man Who Saved the World, Boston Young Contemporaries, Boston University.

                   2011: C’è un Disegno per Milano, Galleria L’Affiche, Milan.

                   2010: Leggere non Leggere, Derbylius, Milan Artisti per la Salute, Derbylius.

                   2009: Art Below Exhibition, London Underground Open Exhibition, Studio 106, London.

                   2009: Food for Thought,The Gallery at Willesden Green.

                   2009: London Galleria L’Image, Rome.

                   2008: In Città,La Galleria, Modena.

                   2007: Free, Five Years, London.

                   2007: 220 Tiny Art Works, City Gallery, Leicester.

                   2007: International Fiber Collaborative, Syracuse, New York.

                   2007: Post It Show, Another Roadside Attraction, London.

                   2006: Peer Esteem, Five Years, London.

                   2005: La Neve, Castello Borromeo, Milan.

                   2003: The Universe, ADA Gallery, Richmond,Virginia.

                   1999: Grand Cru, Galleria L’Affiche, Milan.

                   1999: Galerie Image, Vienna.

                   1999: Il Cielo,Galleria Il Punto A La Sosta e La Soglia,Villa Daccò, Milan.

                   1998: Cento Pulcini di Alda Merini, Biblioteca Trivulziana, Castello Sforzesco, Milan.

                   1997: Derbylius, Milan.

                   1997: Gira d’Arte,Bloom, Mezzago, Milan.

                   1996: Gallery artists, Galleria Il Punto A.  

                   1995: Work on Paper,1708 Gallery, Richmond.

                   1992: Bloometrie, Bloom, Mezzago.

                   1989: Galleria Schubert, Milan.

                   1983: The Figurative Anecdote, ICA, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. 

 Public Collections:

             AON Insurance, Milan.

             Comune di Truccazzano.

             Istituto dei Tumori, Milan.

             North Carolina Botanical Garden, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.


             DeJorio Ltd, Genoa.

             Barbati Legal Studio, Avellino.

             Burns Opticians, Window Installation, London.


             National Print drawing and Photography Exhibition, fifth annual juried show.

             Second Street gallery, Charlottesville,VA, catalog, Marcia Tucker, juror.

             Art Forum Magazine Jan 1979 Portraits by Artists Anderson Gallery,Virginia Commonwealth University, written by

             Deborah Perlberg.

             Tredgar Iron Works Exhibition catalog Richmond VA 1983 introduction Carter Ratcliff.

             La Gazzetta della Martesana April 24 1993 Mary Crenshaw, Dipinti Ricenti, anonomous.

             Catalogo Generale edizione Pulcinoelefante Vanni Schwiller Milan 1997.

             Il Corriere della sera March 1998 Luoghi Immaginati Francesca Lovatelli.

             Luoghi Immaginati catalog March 1998 essay Stefano Crippa.

             Grand Cru catalog November 1999 essaies Adriano Mei Gentilucci and sergio Vanni.

             Mary Crenshaw Castello Borromeo 2002 catalog essay Maria Fratelli.

             Notte Santa Castello Borromeo catalog essay Paula Richetti.

             Paesaggi La Galleria Modena April 2003, essay Valeria Vaccari.

             Nature e Fibre October 2005 Milan brochure essay Sandra Corona.

             Corriere della Sera Bari March 16 2006 interview Silvia Viterbo.

             Abiti Dipinti Come Quadri Vera Magazine June 2006 Fantasie d’Autore Daniela Torcoli.

             La Gazzetta della Martesana Oct 27 2008 anonymous.

             Radar Magazine Nov 2008 full page article by Bruno Giussani.

             Artisti per la Salute catalog May 2010 essay Marco Maiocchi. 

Professional Experience:

I have been painting for a few decades. I have spent the last two years studying for an MFA degree, which has had a huge influence on my work and way of thinking. My paintings have been included in one-person and group exhibitions in various venues in the United States and Europe.


My work is made up of a personal vocabulary of marks, which are loosely based on the constantly evolving urban landscape. For years, I looked to nature for inspiration– trees, clouds, and leaves, and edited out the rest. Now, it is what I previously ignored that has drawn my interest. The grime and smut of industrial wasteland speak of society and human presence. Piles of rubble, abandoned tires, construction machinery, road signs, cracks in the asphalt are what I observe and store in my subconscious, and later synthesize to record in paint. I pare down elements to create compositions, not only through the use of color, but by means of the plasticity of paint and its possibilities of allusion to mass, volume, scale, surface and form. I employ landscape also as a device for dividing the space. My intention is not to replicate images, but to represent the indistinct.

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