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Sanjoy Chatterjee (Indian)

Address :        29/1/A, Ghoshes Lane, P.O. Belur Math, Howrah 711202, West Bengal, India.

Telephone :     9433845695

e-mail :           sanjoychatterjee2003@yahoo.co.in

Education:        BFA, Indian College of Art and Draughtsmanship, Kolkata, 1991.

Group and solo shows:

                      2001, 2000, 1998, 1997- Group exhibition at CIMA Art gallery, Kolkata.
2000- Solo exhibition at CIMA Art gallery, Kolkata.
                      1998, 1996, 1995- Group exhibition at Gallery 88, Kolkata.
                      1996- Solo exhibition at Gallery 88, Kolkata.
                      1995- Group exhibitions at Gallery 88, Bangalore & Mumbai.

Collections:      Kolkata (Shilpanigam), I.T.C. (Delhi), N.G.M.A. (Delhi), collected in Mumbai, Bangalore, Singapore,
                      Brazil, Spain, Germany, U.S.A.).

Statement:       One frequently hears that it is futile to search for meaning in art. Since the end of my art training,
                      I have been exploring various avenues to test the validity of this view. I have discovered that my
                      creative endeavor is like a Wordsworthian journey, an adventure through different phases of knowing,
                      which ultimately leads to the true essence of knowledge.


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