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List of Contents

     Essay-1   ● An Unexplored Discourse in   Kolkata’s Visual Culture  
     Essay-2   ● From Object to Experience: Notes on American Sculpture  
     Essay-3   ● Scandalous Art and the “Global” Factor  
     Essay-4   ● Kolkata’s Contemporary Art : A Look in the Mirror  
     Essay-5   ● Installation in Perspective: Two Outdoor Projects  
     Essay-6   ● Critical Perspectives on Photograph(y)  
    Essay-7   ● Sex, Culture and Otherness  Two (W)edges in Kolkata’s Art  
     Essay-8   ● A Majestic “Africa”: El Anatsui’s Wall Hangings  
      Essay-9   ● Writing as Transgression: Two Decades of Graffiti in New York City Subways  
     Essay-10 Teaching Art History at an Art School: Making Sense from the Margin  
    Essay-11 Medi(t)ations of a Decentered Self  The Art of Jayanta Roy  
   Essay-12 Picturing Maladies   The Art of Subhadarshini Singh  
    Essay-13 Subir Hati’s Painted Prisms  
      Essay-15“Being Modern”: Identity Debates and Makerere’s Art School in the 1960s
      Essay-16 Critiquing the Critique: El Anatsui and the Politics of Inclusion
  Essay-17 ‘Global’: A View from the Margin
     (New) Essay-18 Amrit: A Poetic Meta-Exhibition
     Essay/Interview-1 In Conversation with Kanishka Raja  
     Essay/Interview-2 Talking to Annu P. Matthew  
    Essay/Interview-3 In Conversation with Sarina Khan Reddy  


Essays & Reports:

Representational Painting After Richter : Critical Issues By Robert Sullivan






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