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Here you can post announcements of exhibitions, workshops, symposia and other such events, free of charge. You can also advertise your research projects and publications. A text should not exceed 200 words, and each posting should not have more than 2 images. Mail your submission to editor@globalthek.com. Once a submission passes screening, it will be posted for public viewing. Announcement of an event will remain posted until the conclusion of that event. Other announcements will remain posted for at least one year. __________________________________________________________________


In the Name of the Goddess
The Durga Pujas of Contemporary Kolkata
by Tapati Guha-Thakurta

Re-published Masterpieces of Rajput Painting by O.C. Gangoly

Ganesh Pyne, the famed contemporary Indian painter, passed away

Imagi(ni)ng India    Paintings and Videos By KATHRYN MYERS




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